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Karl Marlantes
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the skipper of Marlantes' unit go to college?

2. At the beginning of Chapter Nine, what street was Marlantes walking down?

3. In Chapter Nine, how long had Marlantes been back in the States?

4. What was the name of Marlantes' first love?

5. When Marlantes' helicopter landed in Chapter Eight, how far where they from the DMZ?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter Nine, what greeted Marlantes when he walked down the street?

2. Describe Marlantes' Scout survival training?

3. How did Marlantes describe a deliberate lie?

4. What was the meaning of the battlefield myth that the enemy tied wire around themselves so they wouldn't bleed so fast?

5. What would a warrior have to do to avoid the lie of two minds?

6. Describe the conditions for Marlantes' company at the beginning of Chapter Eight.

7. In Chapter Eight, Marlantes heard someone screaming as he and his men moved toward the NVA. Why was the man screaming?

8. How did Marlantes describe Maree Ann when he knew her in high school?

9. When did Marlantes' father start to talk about his war experiences?

10. What moral conflict did Marlantes and his friend struggle with in 1967?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter Seven, Marlantes mentioned a term President Johnson used in a speech to describe people who complained without facing any hard choices. Discuss "cocktail critics" and how this term affected Marlantes' life.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter Ten, Marlantes stated that the Club's membership requirement of silence needed to be rescinded. Discuss the requirement of silence and why it should have been rescinded.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter Ten, Marlantes discussed the "Club" of combat veterans. Discuss the Club, its purpose, and its positive and negative aspects.

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