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Karl Marlantes
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Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter Six, how far were the scorekeepers from the lance corporal?

2. What college was Marlantes driving companion in 1967 going to attend?

3. What was the rank of the officer who told Marlantes to clean up his act?

4. In Chapter Eight, how far did the squads have to run to their gear that was by the runway?

5. How old was the black machine gunner named Prairie Dog?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conditions for Marlantes' company at the beginning of Chapter Eight.

2. What would a warrior have to do to avoid the lie of two minds?

3. What moral conflict did Marlantes and his friend struggle with in 1967?

4. How did Marlantes describe a deliberate lie?

5. Why was lying about kills prevalent in Vietnam?

6. How did the gunner Prairie Dog get his nickname?

7. How did Marlantes' first wife feel about his book, "What is it Like to Go to War"?

8. Describe the injuries of the three who fell off the ledge of a cliff in Chapter 7.

9. In Chapter Eight, why did Marlantes order Utter not to go through some cut brush?

10. When Marlantes learned that superior officers hated to chew him out because of all his medals, what did he do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter Three, Marlantes commented that warriors needed to be careful about whom politicians made out to be devils. Discuss the limitations and difficulties of choosing the right side to fight on.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter Seven, Marlantes mentioned a term President Johnson used in a speech to describe people who complained without facing any hard choices. Discuss "cocktail critics" and how this term affected Marlantes' life.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter Eight, Marlantes stated that medals were all mixed up with hierarchy, politics, and even job descriptions. Discuss the subject of military medals and what Marlantes thought of medals.

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