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Karl Marlantes
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Short Answer Questions

1. What were Marlantes and his grandfather afraid had slammed into their net in 1959?

2. How tall was "Canada"?

3. Which Kipling's poem did Marlantes say was not about gratitude, but attitude?

4. How old was Joseph Henderson when he died?

5. Where did Marlantes grow up?

Short Essay Questions

1. How were soldiers regarded by the American people during World War II?

2. In "Mahabharata," why couldn't Arjuna fight?

3. How did Marlantes try to deal with the darkness and dark deeds that he carried inside after Vietnam?

4. Describe the team that Marlantes took when he went to access the position of his platoon that was holding a bridge.

5. What did it take for Marlantes to realize that he had to quit fighting the shadows?

6. What inattention to detail in 1968 made Marlantes feel guilty?

7. What type of power did a platoon commander have?

8. Why was the 1970s therapy group that Marlantes attended a damaging experience?

9. In 1968 when Marlantes was in charge of an undermanned platoon, how did he and his men guide a helicopter team in to rescue the wounded?

10. Whose death did Marlantes particularly remember?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter Seven, Marlantes mentioned a term President Johnson used in a speech to describe people who complained without facing any hard choices. Discuss "cocktail critics" and how this term affected Marlantes' life.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter Four, Marlantes shared the struggle he had reconciling the fact that he was a good person, yet he had hurt people. Discuss how Marlantes dealt with this split in himself.

Essay Topic 3

Marlantes believed that changes in the military could bring more mature and psychologically balanced warriors. Discuss the changes Marlantes felt the military needed to make to create balanced warriors.

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