What It Is Like to Go to War Short Essay - Answer Key

Karl Marlantes
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1. What did Marlantes believe happened to warriors who were not adequately prepared to take life away from others?

Usually it is the role of God to take life away from others. If young warriors took on that role without adequate psychological and spiritual preparation, they might suffer damaging consequences. This could lead to killing and infliction of pain in excess of what was required to accomplish the mission. It would also take them longer to re-integrate into civilian life when they returned.

2. Describe Zoomer's injuries.

Zoomer was hit in the chest. A bullet had torn a large hole out of his back. His one lung was damaged completely, and he was only able to breathe with his other lung.

3. When Zoomer was struggling to breathe, what incident did Marlantes remember from his youth?

As Marlantes watch Zoomer struggle to breathe, he remembered a time when he was fishing with his grandfather. The two of them caught a huge sturgeon. As Marlantes watches Zoomer breathe, he is reminded of how the sturgeon breathed when they caught it.

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