What It Is Like to Go to War Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Karl Marlantes
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1. Where was Zoomer injured?

Quang Tri province.

2. When was Zoomer injured?

February 1969.

3. How long had the Third Marine Division and the North Vietnamese Army struggled?

2 years.

4. Where was Zoomer injured?


5. Where did Marlantes grow up?


6. Where did Marlantes' grandfather often fish?

Columbia River.

7. How large was the net that Marlantes' grandfather used to fish with?

4 football fields in length.

8. How long was Marlantes' grandfather's fishing boat?

30 feet.

9. What were Marlantes and his grandfather afraid had slammed into their net in 1959?

Sea Lion.

10. How big was the sturgeon that Marlantes and his grandfather caught in June, 1959?

7 feet.

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