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Karl Marlantes
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Home.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where had Marlantes traveled when he came home to find his son curled up with a photo of the two of them?
(a) Australia.
(b) Europe.
(c) Singapore.
(d) Indonesia.

2. In Chapter Four, how old was the volunteer who went with Marlantes to assess the platoon holding a key bridge?
(a) 31.
(b) 19.
(c) 24.
(d) 21.

3. At what time of day did Marlantes and his friend John make a decision about the war and what they would do?
(a) 4 p.m.
(b) 3 a.m.
(c) Midnight.
(d) Noon.

4. How old was the girl from Mozambique whose picture Marlantes kept on a file cabinet?
(a) 14.
(b) 12.
(c) 7.
(d) 5.

5. What was Joseph Campbell's ethnic background?
(a) Irish.
(b) British.
(c) German.
(d) French.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many years after the therapy-group experience, did Marlantes have dinner with Joseph Campbell?

2. In 1968, what should have been the full strength of a rifle platoon?

3. Where was Marlantes driving in 1967 when President Johnson gave a speech?

4. How old was Maree Anne's little girl?

5. What human form did the god in "Mahabharata" take?

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