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Karl Marlantes
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Home.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose bow did the warrior Philoctetes carry?
(a) Ares.
(b) Heracles.
(c) Apollo.
(d) Pluto.

2. What was the name of the Spartan commander who died defending Thermopylae?
(a) Leonidas.
(b) Aeneas.
(c) Endymion.
(d) Achilles.

3. What was Joseph Campbell's ethnic background?
(a) French.
(b) Irish.
(c) German.
(d) British.

4. At the beginning of Chapter Six, how far were the scorekeepers from the lance corporal?
(a) 15 kilometers.
(b) 25 kilometers.
(c) 50 kilometers.
(d) 5 kilometers.

5. What was the name of the Lance Corporal Marlantes mentioned at the beginning of Chapter Six?
(a) Williams.
(b) Smithers.
(c) Wyatt.
(d) Smothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Nine, how long had Marlantes been back in the States?

2. What did Marlantes buy Joseph Campbell when he wanted to talk to him?

3. How old was Maree Ann when Marlantes last saw her?

4. How long was Marlantes' arrival home delayed because he contracted NSU?

5. From what country did the "Mahabharata" come from?

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