Daily Lessons for Teaching What It Is Like to Go to War

Karl Marlantes
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Lesson 1 (from Temple of Mars)


Karl Malantes is the author of "What It Is Like to Go to War." The objective of this lesson is to discuss Marlantes and his writing.


1) Research: Read biographical information about Marlantes. When and where was Marlantes born? Where did he grow up? What were his parents' occupations? What type of work did he do for one of his grandfathers? Where was Marlantes educated? What was his military experience?

2) Class Discussion: Use reference materials as needed. What was Marlantes' first book? Does he typically write fiction, non-fiction, or both? Why does he write? What does he hope his writing will do for society? Does he always have a clear purpose for the books he writes?

3) Partner Discussion: Use reference material as needed. How do readers and critics view Marlantes' books? What do military men say about his books? Has he won any awards for his...

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