What It Is Like to Go to War Fun Activities

Karl Marlantes
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A Book by Marlantes

Read another book written by Marlantes.


Create a timeline of the events in "What it is Like to Go to War."


Marlantes wrote "What it is Like to Go to War" to deal with feelings he had about his military experience. Consider a time in your life that you needed to come to terms with. Then write some journal entries to help you make sense of what happened.


Read "Mahabharata."


Create a diorama of a battle scene that Marlantes described in his book.


Read aloud Rudyard Kipling's poem, Tommy. Then discuss why it is a poem of attitude, not gratitude.

Nuremberg Trials

Marlantes believed that a professional warrior had to be aware of the Nuremberg trials. Research the Nuremberg trials. Then write several paragraphs about the trials and why it would be important for a warrior to know about...

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