What It Is Like to Go to War Character Descriptions

Karl Marlantes
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Karl Marlantes

This person grew up in the Pacific Northwest, as a boy worked on a family member's fishing boat, and after college joined the Marines.


This is an army that was backed by China. Its soldiers proved to be formidable fighters in Vietnam.

Marine Corps

This a branch of military service that has as their motto Semper Fi.


This person was wounded in the chest in Vietnam, and his commanding officer whispered stories to him to keep him awake until he could be evacuated.


This person was a black soldier in Vietnam who was arrested for smoking marijuana.


This person was a Marine who once captured a North Vietnamese solder and tortured him for several days. Although he had a successful business career after the Marines, his actions haunted him.


This person was a Capuchin monk.

Grandpa Axel

This person operated a...

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