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Chapters I-III

• Valentino opens his door to an African American woman. She claims she wants to use his phone, but when he lets her in, a man appears. He tells Valentino they are robbing his house.

• The man knocks Valentino unconscious and Valentino tells the reader about his current life in America. He moved from Sudan to New York and now lives with his friend, Achor Achor. He says he had been promised a peaceful life, but in general it had been difficult to survive.
• The two robbers, Tonya and Powder, want to leave the house but a policeman is talking to someone outside.

• When Valentino tells them it is about time they leave, Powder knocks him unconscious again.
• Valentino wakes up to find himself tied and gagged on the sofa. A boy he has never seen is watching his television.

• The boy's presence turns Valentino's mind to...

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