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Asa wears this item stuffed with books and papers on his last day of first grade.

Elephant Project

Asa does this work that he makes on many pieces of paper taped together on his first week in his new fourth grade class.

Book of Poems

Joel gives Asa this old item that includes both "Little Boy Blue" and "The Highwayman".


In a fit of frustration, Dave hits Asa with this item leaving a large bruise on his chest.

Candy Hearts

Jean gives Asa two of these items that each say "I love you".


Asa's mother must take these to control her depression.


A problem with this causes the family to decide to return to the house and live as a family for one more night.

Roller Coaster

Dave encourages Asa to ride this at the pier so that Dave might have time alone with...

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