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As If: Chapters 1-6

• It is the last day of first grade, and Asa is walking home to show his perfect report card to his parents.

• Asa also has a new book given to him by the librarian as well as a bunch of radishes he grew as part of a class project.

• Asa stops to talk to Bobby Levy, a boy who goes to private school and who tells Asa about the television programs he watches after school.

• Asa arrives home and finds his mother sitting in front of their apartment building surrounded by suitcases.

• Asa rushes into the apartment and finds it empty.

• Asa learns that his parents are divorcing and his mother is taking him to the beach in North Carolina.

• Asa's mother tells him about Dave, the man they will meet in North Carolina.

• When Asa first meets Dave, he is determined to like...

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