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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wrote "The Ants Are Using Sticks For Walls"?
(a) Emma Suarez-Baez.
(b) Ken Fontenot.
(c) Martha Christina.
(d) Sandra Gail Teichmann.

2. In "Lens," the author wonders about the shouting in the house and why who must be watched?
(a) Dad.
(b) Brother.
(c) Sister.
(d) Mom.

3. Who is the author of "and sometimes i hear this song in my head"?
(a) Lisa Brandenburg.
(b) Daisy Zamora.
(c) Harriet Jacobs.
(d) Martha Christina.

4. What poem did Siv Cedering contribute to the collection?
(a) "The Changeling."
(b) "Silence."
(c) "The Question."
(d) "Driving."

5. "What Gets Lost/Lo Que Se Pierde" is written by whom?
(a) Alastair Reid.
(b) Jimmy Santiago Baca.
(c) Kimberly J. Brown.
(d) John Sangster.

6. Who wrote "Leaving the Light On"?
(a) Lucille Clifton.
(b) Philip Appleman.
(c) Alastair Reid.
(d) Jack Myers.

7. Who does the author meet at a crossroads in "I Myself"?
(a) His grandmother.
(b) His grandfather.
(c) His father.
(d) Himself.

8. What poem did Leonard Nathan write in the collection?
(a) "It Was Here."
(b) "Kind."
(c) "Driving."
(d) "The Changeling."

9. "Mother's Day" was written by whom?
(a) Lisa Ruth Shulman.
(b) Daisy Zamora.
(c) Sandra Gail Teichmann.
(d) Roger Jones.

10. What can the author remember clearly of the children of his first grade class in "First Grade"?
(a) Their names.
(b) Their handwriting.
(c) Their faces.
(d) Their stories.

11. In "Aqueducts," the author imagines the aqueducts where?
(a) Eastern Germany.
(b) Southern Italy.
(c) Northern Italy.
(d) Western Germany.

12. Who is the author of "The Wren"?
(a) Barbara McCauley.
(b) Linda Gregg.
(c) Emma Mellon.
(d) Dionisio D. Martinez.

13. Who wrote "Legend"?
(a) Philip Appleman.
(b) Ben Judson.
(c) Craig Czury.
(d) Bruce Bennett.

14. What does the author find when he flees, trying to stay alone in "Simple Song of Being Oneself"?
(a) Death and fear.
(b) Fortune and kindness.
(c) Truth and danger.
(d) Lies and pain.

15. Who is the author of "Lens"?
(a) Hayan Charara.
(b) Tom Absher.
(c) Kimberly J. Brown.
(d) Ken Fontenot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote "Shedding Skin"?

2. "Today I'll Sit Still" is written by whom?

3. Who is the author of "Song of the Prodigal Son"?

4. Who wrote the poem, "So Far"?

5. What does the father serve in "Battleground State Park"?

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