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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What poem did Siv Cedering contribute to the collection?
(a) "Driving."
(b) "The Question."
(c) "Silence."
(d) "The Changeling."

2. What does the father serve in "Battleground State Park"?
(a) Potato salad.
(b) Cheeseburgers.
(c) Fish sticks.
(d) Lobster tails.

3. Who wrote the poem "Orange Juice"?
(a) Amy Adams.
(b) Robert Dana.
(c) Herberto Padilla.
(d) Lisa Ruth Shulman.

4. Who is the author of "Lens"?
(a) Ken Fontenot.
(b) Hayan Charara.
(c) Kimberly J. Brown.
(d) Tom Absher.

5. In "Aqueducts," the author imagines the aqueducts where?
(a) Southern Italy.
(b) Western Germany.
(c) Eastern Germany.
(d) Northern Italy.

6. Who is the author of "and sometimes i hear this song in my head"?
(a) Martha Christina.
(b) Lisa Brandenburg.
(c) Harriet Jacobs.
(d) Daisy Zamora.

7. "Mother's Day" was written by whom?
(a) Lisa Ruth Shulman.
(b) Sandra Gail Teichmann.
(c) Roger Jones.
(d) Daisy Zamora.

8. In "Shedding Skin," what does the author rub against?
(a) A glacier.
(b) A tree.
(c) A bear.
(d) A rock.

9. Who wrote "Emergency Situation"?
(a) Herberto Padilla.
(b) Barbara McCauley.
(c) Robert Dana.
(d) Hal Sirowitz.

10. Who does the author tell to write his name on everything that belongs to him in "What the Stones Knew"?
(a) His daugter.
(b) His wife.
(c) His mother.
(d) His son.

11. What poem by Haas H. Mroue is included in the collection?
(a) "The Mentalist Leaves the Stage."
(b) "Driving."
(c) "It Was Here."
(d) "The Changeling."

12. "Child Proof" is by what author?
(a) Emma Mellon.
(b) Bill Meissner.
(c) James Baker Hall.
(d) Lisa Brandenburg.

13. Donna Leed's untitled poem talks of how she never saw the road between her house and her grandmother's house why?
(a) She always fell asleep in the car.
(b) It was flooded.
(c) It was snow covered.
(d) The headlights went dim.

14. In "Drifter, Owl, Mouse," the mouse prays inside what?
(a) A rock outcropping.
(b) A tree trunk.
(c) The owl's beak.
(d) The owl's talon's.

15. "Today I'll Sit Still" is written by whom?
(a) Hayan Charara.
(b) Ernesto Trejo.
(c) Jimmy Santiago Baca.
(d) Jack Myers.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Child Proof," the author writes, "Child is proof We come from somewhere else Where everyone" what?

2. In "This Isn't Fair," the author's beloved leaves the room when he asks if she loves him, but he calls her back frantically to give her what?

3. Who is the author of "Song of the Prodigal Son"?

4. Who wrote "Simple Song of Being Oneself"?

5. Who is the author of "Organdy Curtains, Window, South Bank of the Ohio"?

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