What Have You Lost? Character Descriptions

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First-person Narrator (I)appears in Several Poems

This is the voice of nearly three-quarters of the poems in this collection.

Addressee (You)appears in Several Poems

Many of the poems in this collection are written to this unnamed second-person audience.

Naomi Shihab Nyeappears in What Have You Lost?

This is the author who selected the poems which are included in this collection.


This figure would disappear into the privacy of stories in his study for hours, and if his son's hands were clean, he might pass a book to him.


The high cheekbones and straight black hair of this woman make the author think she could be Tecumseh's sister.


This figure promised the author his hair would grow back after his first crew cut at the age of five.


This figure had less and less to say but said it better and better; he...

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