What Have You Lost? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1: Introduction, Dedication, pages 1-7

• In the Introduction by Naomi Shihab Nye, Nye writes that she has lost many things throughout her lifetime, causing her to be attracted to words like immortal, eternal and forever.

• Nye considers whether there is anything good about losing and thinks that perhaps it makes people momentarily take better care of what they still have.

• "Dedication" by Jim Natal is to poems that get lost in the dark, flutter out of reach or are camouflaged by their surroundings.

• "Years of Solitude" by Dionisio D. Martinez is to the one who sets a second place at the table anyway, who is at the back of the empty bus.
• In Barbara McCauley's "The Wren," the bird was small and frantic under the hedge, but she caught him and took him home.

• In "My Father's Coat" by Susie Mee, the father's coat was made of the...

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