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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mclean's father think tells the most about a restaurant?
(a) Its pricing.
(b) Its basic foods.
(c) Its decor.
(d) Its service.

2. Who helps Mclean when she is injured at school?
(a) Sam.
(b) Heather.
(c) Riley.
(d) Tony.

3. What does Mclean learn about Dave?
(a) He is the senior class president.
(b) He is mentally delayed.
(c) He is a genius.
(d) He is a star quarterback.

4. Opal agrees to put together a model of the town in exchange for what?
(a) Use of a parking lot for the restaurant.
(b) An oil change for her car.
(c) Complimentary accounting services.
(d) Free newspaper advertising.

5. What does Mclean's mother try to persuade her to do when she calls?
(a) Go to the beach house with her.
(b) Go to a movie with her.
(c) Go to church with her.
(d) Go shopping with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. When will Mclean and Gus be leaving for his new job?

2. Where is Gus being transferred for his job?

3. Why is Mclean unsettled when she sees her mother at the game?

4. What sound awakens Mclean at the beginning of Chapter 5?.

5. Who is Mclean's father?

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