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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Mclean unsettled when she sees her mother at the game?
(a) She seems to be a bit tipsy.
(b) She is wearing expensive clothing.
(c) She is hugging a strange man.
(d) She is sitting all alone in the hallway.

2. Who helps Mclean when she is injured at school?
(a) Tony.
(b) Riley.
(c) Heather.
(d) Sam.

3. Riley tells Mclean that Dave is interested in whom?
(a) Anna.
(b) Heather.
(c) Jill.
(d) Mclean.

4. What is Mclean's last name?
(a) Swan.
(b) Sweet.
(c) Swallow.
(d) Swenson.

5. Who is Mclean's father?
(a) Phil.
(b) Mike.
(c) Gus.
(d) Jerry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT something that upsets Mclean's mother about Mclean's life?

2. Where do Dave and his friends plan to go on a trip?

3. How is Mclean injured at school on Monday morning?

4. Which of the following is NOT a name that Mclean has used in different schools she has attended?

5. Whom does Mclean invite to go to the basketball game with her?

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