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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mclean and her mother buy when they went on beach vacations before the divorce?
(a) Flip flops.
(b) Bracelets.
(c) Earrings.
(d) Big hats.

2. Who is Mclean very happy to see at the restaurant?
(a) Chuckles.
(b) Heather.
(c) Katherine.
(d) Peter.

3. What does Mclean's mother try to persuade her to do when she calls?
(a) Go shopping with her.
(b) Go to a movie with her.
(c) Go to the beach house with her.
(d) Go to church with her.

4. What does Mclean need to get at the house before going to the hospital?
(a) A robe.
(b) A laptop.
(c) An insurance card.
(d) Cell phone.

5. What does Mclean do when she wakes in the night and realizes a party is going on next door?
(a) She calls the police.
(b) She sits and dreams about going to a party.
(c) She joins the party.
(d) She asks the neighbors to be quiet.

Short Answer Questions

1. After David is released from his grounding, he is able to ___________________.

2. What impresses Mclean most about the dinner?

3. In what year of school is Mclean?

4. What does Mclean notice on the model right before it is displayed?

5. Who arrives at the hotel to talk with Mclean?

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