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Short Answer Questions

1. What creature do they see?

2. Where is the one place called Hell?

3. When Ann tells Chris the answer to his last question, what does Chris do?

4. Why is Chris angry?

5. Through whom is Ann's punishment meted?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Albert say about Hell?

2. Can there be any type of communication between souls in Summerland and those on Earth?

3. How does Chris have a third vision of Ann and what is the significance of the vision?

4. What do you think it means when Chris says he is realizing there is so much more than what the limited human mind can conceive?

5. Once Chris decides he will reincarnate soon, what does he have to learn first?

6. Describe the first meeting between Chris and Ann.

7. What happens to Chris when he is tricked by a gang of men in the Lower Realm?

8. What is the result of Chris having a grateful attitude?

9. Do you think what Chris is describing is what you would imagine Hell to be like?

10. What crosses in front of Chris on the driveway of Ann's home in Hell and what might be the symbolism of the scene?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chris learns that Albert keeps track of certain family members who have died; that families do not have the same ties in Summerland as they do on earth. Discuss the following:

1. How does Chris react when he learns that relationships in Summerland (Heaven) are similar as on Earth?

2. Do you think relationships would be different from or similar to the way one's relationships are on Earth (assume for the moment that there is life after death, even if you do not believe it)?

3. Even though relationships in Summerland are similar to that on Earth, do you think Chris could change the relationship with his father if Chris wanted to? What about if the father is unwilling?

Essay Topic 2

In the first couple chapters, it is obvious to the reader that Chris has died, yet Chris has not yet realized this fact. Discuss the following:

What are some of the clues that should relay to Chris the fact that he is dead?

Why do you think Chris gets angry at the voice that tells him not to fight dying?

Why do you think he ignores those clues?

What does Chris believe about himself in Chapters 1 and 2? Is there any basis for this belief?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the following:

1. Thoroughly trace and analyze the theme of redemption.

2. Thoroughly trace and analyze the theme of relationships.

3. Thoroughly trace and analyze the theme of spirituality.

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