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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ann's house appear to Chris as he approaches it?
(a) Different types of shrubs and bushes around it.
(b) Exactly like their old house.
(c) The house is smaller, dirtier, unkempt, giving it a dismal and forlorn look.
(d) Larger and with more stuff in it.

2. Where is the one place called Hell?
(a) It is the region between the Lower Realms and Eternity.
(b) There is no one place called Hell.
(c) It is the lowest region of the Lower Realms.
(d) It is a none place of non-existence.

3. Of what does Albert remind Chris?
(a) That these people deserve what they get.
(b) That these people can choose to change.
(c) To use his mind to be strong.
(d) That these people are not complete souls.

4. How does Chris try to get Ann to see her new life?
(a) As good.
(b) As a sort of a dream.
(c) As real.
(d) As changeable.

5. What does Albert believe about Ann's suicide?
(a) She was mentally unstable and therefore partially not to blame.
(b) She thought she was doing the right thing so her children did not have to care for her.
(c) She did not really intend to go through with it and therefore it is an accident.
(d) She made the decision out of her own free will.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of emotional atmosphere is there?

2. How does Ann actually die?

3. How is the realm organized that Chris and Albert enter?

4. What does it feel like as Chris and Albert enter another sphere?

5. What had once been a defining force for Ann?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think it means when Chris says he is realizing there is so much more than what the limited human mind can conceive?

2. Do you think what Chris is describing is what you would imagine Hell to be like?

3. What happens to those who commit suicide?

4. Once Chris decides he will reincarnate soon, what does he have to learn first?

5. What is ironic about Ann's response to Chris when he asks her about her husband?

6. Describe the first meeting between Chris and Ann.

7. What does Chris decide to do about Ann and how does Ian's belief offer some possibility of success?

8. What is the result of Chris having a grateful attitude?

9. Describe Albert and Chris' initial entry into the Lower Realms.

10. How does Chris persist in trying to make Ann see her situation and what is the result?

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