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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the man in the hall who feels solid tell Chris?
(a) That Chris must come with him.
(b) That Chris is dead.
(c) That Chris is going to recover.
(d) That Chris can choose to stay in life or go.

2. To what does Chris awaken?
(a) The sound of Ann crying.
(b) The sound of trumpets.
(c) Harp music.
(d) A gorgeous sunrise.

3. Of what does Chris dream when Albert urges him to rest?
(a) A trip to Disneyland with his family.
(b) A camping trip Chris and his family went on.
(c) Chris' funeral.
(d) A trip to Europe with his family.

4. To what does Ann reluctantly agree?
(a) A wake.
(b) Staying at Richard's house for awhile.
(c) Sending Ian to boarding school.
(d) A seance.

5. What does Chris realize?
(a) He is at his funeral.
(b) He is not dead, just in a coma.
(c) He has to tell Ann he loves her.
(d) If he wakes up, he will be in terrible pain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gets in the way of Perry's being able to connect Chris and Ann?

2. What confounds Chris about the city he visits?

3. What can Chris do to help Ann?

4. How is a person's state of mind when s/he dies?

5. Where does Chris see Ian trying to comfort Ann?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Chris gets to his home? Why do you think he doesn't realize he is dead?

2. Briefly describe Ann's home in Hell.

3. Who greets Chris and what do you think of the situation?

4. What do you think about what Albert tells Chris about thoughts?

5. What does the man who seems to have substance tell Chris?

6. When Chris follows the sounds of Ann's sobbing, where does he end up?

7. Give a one-sentence synopsis of WHAT DREAMS MAY COME.

8. Describe Albert and Chris' initial entry into the Lower Realms.

9. How does Chris next try to make a connection and what is the result?

10. Describe Chris' experience in the hospital when his soul first leaves his body.

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