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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Chris ask Ann to tell him?
(a) Her husband.
(b) Her job.
(c) Her music.
(d) Her children.

2. What does Ann first tell Chris?
(a) That her husband left her.
(b) That she is not married.
(c) That her husband will be home soon.
(d) The pine trees have died because the water is shut off.

3. Who on Earth is able to handle communication with those in the spirit world?
(a) No one.
(b) Anyone.
(c) Those born with the gift or the most advanced psychics.
(d) Those who have a strong connection with a deceased loved one.

4. How does Chris try to get Ann to see her new life?
(a) As good.
(b) As a sort of a dream.
(c) As changeable.
(d) As real.

5. Where is Ann?
(a) In the family room writing.
(b) On the grass outside their bedroom window.
(c) In bed.
(d) In the bathtub with no water.

6. About what is Albert adamant?
(a) Chris can choose to join Ann but will never be allowed to return to Summerland.
(b) Ann has broken the law and this is her sentence.
(c) Chris can do nothing to help Ann.
(d) Ann can be redeemed.

7. What happens when a soul obtains perfection?
(a) It becomes God.
(b) It is ready for the ultimate meeting with God.
(c) It becomes an avatar.
(d) It stays in its last carnation to help others ascend.

8. What shapes a person's soul?
(a) Living a good life.
(b) Being true to self.
(c) Knowing God.
(d) Life after life of effort in combination with periods of rest, reflection, and study.

9. Where does Chris see his father?
(a) Summerland.
(b) Still on earth.
(c) The lower realms.
(d) In a dream

10. What happens to one's memories after reincarnation?
(a) They are erased.
(b) They are easily accessible for at least the first 10 years.
(c) They cease to exist for eternity.
(d) They are dormant in the brain.

11. Why does Ginger growl at Chris?
(a) Because Chris is yelling at Ann.
(b) Because Chris is irritating Ann.
(c) Because Chris touches Ann.
(d) Because Chris is slapping Ann.

12. At the end of Chapter 35, what does Ann finally realize?
(a) That she is not dead.
(b) That she is truly alone.
(c) That Chris is her husband.
(d) That she should not have killed herself.

13. How does Chris try to convince Ann that he is her husband?
(a) Kissing her.
(b) Finding little things in the room and talking about them.
(c) Giving her many details he would not know otherwise.
(d) Getting Ginger to accept him.

14. In what does Ann still refuse to believe?
(a) That Chris is not dead.
(b) The afterlife.
(c) That she is dead.
(d) Her own goodness.

15. What does Albert believe about Ann's suicide?
(a) She thought she was doing the right thing so her children did not have to care for her.
(b) She made the decision out of her own free will.
(c) She was mentally unstable and therefore partially not to blame.
(d) She did not really intend to go through with it and therefore it is an accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Albert insist Chris learn about reincarnation?

2. How man years are typically spent in afterlife before the rebirth process?

3. What is Ann's initial gratitude replaced with after Chris gets rid of the creature?

4. As the atmosphere worsens, what happens to Chris' thoughts and behavior?

5. What happens if a child is born dead?

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