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The Manuscript - This is written by a psychic who claims to have transcribed it for Chris Nielsen.

Mist - The occlusion that Chris experiences while he is still on earth trying to connect with Ann.

Cemetery - Where Perry first sees Chris and tells of his actions and some of the words he can hear.

Séance - Perry's attempt to reach Chris for Ann, but because of her disbelief, it does not work.

Summerland - Also known as Homeland, Harvest, or Heaven, the place of each man's creation, a heaven of sorts.

Disincarnates - People who have died and not moved on.

Borderland - This is where Chris stays as a disincarnate until he calls for help.

Third Sphere - The "official" name for Harvest or Summerland, this is the third in a series of at least seven.

Matrix - Where everything in Summerland is...

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