Daily Lessons for Teaching What Dreams May Come: A Novel

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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)


From reading the introduction, this is obviously a novel about redemption.

The objective of this lesson is to discuss the concept of redemption.


1. Class discussion: What is redemption? Is redemption solely a religious term? What are other ways the term is used? Who do you think experiences redemption in this book? Why?

2. In-class writing: Redemption can manifest in numerous ways. Write about a time in your life when you think you experienced "redemption." Be specific as you are comfortable doing so.

3. Group project: Debate the following statement: All people can change; therefore, all people deserve a chance for redemption.

4. Homework: Research the concept of redemption in a religion or spiritual belief system and write a brief essay explaining what you learn and your response to what you learn.

Lesson 2 (from Introduction)


WHAT DREAMS MAY COME is organized around a literary term/device called a frame.


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