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• WHAT DREAMS MAY COME is a story of love and devotion that transcends the bonds of Time, of Heaven, and of Hell.

• Chris is killed in an accident and leaves his wife, Ann, in a state of despair.

• Chris is dictating this story to a clairvoyant and instructs the psychic to give the manuscript to his brother.
• Robert does not know whether to believe that the manuscript really is true, but the events in it cause him to review his life

Chapters 1 - 2

• Chris is involved in an auto accident and is grievously injured. A voice tells him to let go, which angers Chris.

• Chris's entire life flashes through his head.

• Chris leaves his body but does not yet know he is dead. A man in the hall informs Chris that he is dead.

• Chris goes to his home and does not know where everyone is.

• The...

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