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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Turtle tell about her knowledge of who Sam Westing was?

2. Why was Theo in the hospital?

3. What did the heirs receive in their envelopes at the second reading of the Will?

4. What fact did Turtle suddenly remember that helped her know the game was still on?

5. Why didn't Doug's feet hurt when he was trailing Otis Amber?

Short Essay Questions

1. What help did Denton provide for Chris?

2. After examining all her information for the newspaperman, who did Judge Ford believe must be protected from Westing's mischief and why did she think this?

3. What confession did Turtle finally make that changed the way Judge Ford looked at the Westing game?

4. Why was there to be no liquor served at Crow and Otis Amber's wedding?

5. When Julian R. Eastman died, who else died with him?

6. What realization did Judge Ford suddenly make that convinced her that Westing was still alive?

7. What happened to convince Judge Ford that Sandy was indeed Mr. Westing?

8. Why was Judge Ford so concerned about Crow in Chapter 22?

9. The second time the heirs signed the receipt for their invitation, they changed the description of the position they were signing as. Why was this?

10. What did Turtle do that made her the winner of the two million dollars?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ellen Raskin has stated that the character she most identifies with from the novel is Angela. However, Turtle develops into being the main character. Why is Turtle the best choice to be the main character? Give examples from the book as to why Turtle makes the best main character. What about some of the other characters and their feelings about Westing? How would that make them not the most likely main character? Give examples from the novel about how Turtle feels about Westing in all his disguises.

Essay Topic 2

The pairings of the heirs is very unusual. In what ways are the pairings not what might be expected? How did they work out better than anticipated? Chris said that everyone had the perfect partner. Choose 3 partnerships and explain how they were perfect in an expository essay. If you don't think they were perfect, discuss the reasons for your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

Every character in a well-written novel serves a purpose for being in the story. All of the characters in the Westing Game are either related to Westing on some level or were relatives of Westing - except for Denton Deere. What might Westing's purpose have been for including Deere among the heirs? What did Deere do that would help serve Westing's purpose? Use examples from the book to show Deere's possible purpose in the novel.

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