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Short Answer Questions

1. Using the clues provided, and accounting for the missing words, who did Sydelle Pulaski announce as the murderer?

2. Who did Theo find out he had been playing chess with?

3. Which heir did Judge Ford believe was actually Sam Westing?

4. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?

5. What happened to Sandy in the library?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what event was occurring at the beginning of Chapter 16.

2. Why did Sydelle dress for the meeting in red and white stripes and decorate her cane with stars on blue?

3. Why did the bomb squad seem indifferent to the fact that Turtle had been blasted by the latest bomb?

4. What clues indicate to the reader that the heirs were jittery and nervous after the repeated bombings?

5. What happened at the shower that was significant to the mystery?

6. Why was Turtle so happy at the last meeting of the heirs?

7. What did Turtle do that made her the winner of the two million dollars?

8. What did Mr. Hoo do that convinced Crow he couldn't be the bomber?

9. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?

10. What happened at/to the Westing house at the end of the game?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Judge and Sandy do quite a bit of research and an elaborate analysis of the clues. They never, however, discover the true solution to the puzzle. Where did they err? Given the same knowledge, why did they not come up with the same solution that Turtle did? Did Sandy, as Westing, affect the conclusion in any way? Show examples from the text where he may have given a false clue, leading Judge Ford to make the wrong assumption.

Essay Topic 2

Ellen Raskin has stated that the character she most identifies with from the novel is Angela. However, Turtle develops into being the main character. Why is Turtle the best choice to be the main character? Give examples from the book as to why Turtle makes the best main character. What about some of the other characters and their feelings about Westing? How would that make them not the most likely main character? Give examples from the novel about how Turtle feels about Westing in all his disguises.

Essay Topic 3

One of the themes of the Westing Game is games and game-playing. The most obvious games are the chess game and the Will. However, there are other examples of game-playing in the novel. Give examples of game-playing from the novel and discuss them and their impact on the plot.

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