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Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the nervousness of Turtle and Flora Baumbach?

2. Why did Doug panic when Mr. Hoo mentioned alibis?

3. What name did Turtle tell Flora was her real name?

4. Who was the first to be shown an apartment in Sunset Towers?

5. Which of the following did not happen to Westing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Chris watching legs from his wheelchair?

2. What two things did Turtle find in the mansion on Halloween night?

3. How did Turtle think Westing meant for them to use the $10,000? What clues from the Will lead her to believe that?

4. What did the fireman and policeman say caused the explosion?

5. What particular trait do several of the characters share making it possible that the person seen going into the mansion by Chris could be any one of them?

6. Why did Mr. Hoo laugh when Grace suggested that her husband was doing his bookkeeping?

7. Why did Angela search under the hoods of the cars in the parking lot?

8. How did Turtle get her nickname?

9. What two unusual things happened at the supposed empty Westing Mansion?

10. Why were the tenants purchasing so many Westing Paper Products?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were many heirs that Sam Westing owed something to, either an apology or restitution in some way. Why would he choose to make restitution in the manner he did? Why not just meet the characters face-to-face and resolve their differences? Use clues given about Westing as a character that leads to understanding of his reasons for choosing the manner he did.

Essay Topic 2

How can you tell that Sam Westing knew some of the heirs pretty well? Give examples to support your answer. Be sure to include the pairing of the heirs in your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Ellen Raskin has stated that the character she most identifies with from the novel is Angela. However, Turtle develops into being the main character. Why is Turtle the best choice to be the main character? Give examples from the book as to why Turtle makes the best main character. What about some of the other characters and their feelings about Westing? How would that make them not the most likely main character? Give examples from the novel about how Turtle feels about Westing in all his disguises.

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