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Short Answer Questions

1. Which two residents of Sunset Towers did not go to the reading of the Will?

2. What new job did Mrs. Wexler acquire?

3. What was speculated as being the real reason Dr. Wexler didn't attend the first reading of the Will?

4. Each of the pairs of heirs gained something from their partner. What did Turtle gain from her partner?

5. Why were the residents of Sunset Towers given an invitation to the reading of Westing's Will?

Short Essay Questions

1. What parting instructions were given to the heirs at the first reading of the first part of Westing's Will?

2. How did Turtle and Flora differ in their interpretation of what it meant to "Buy Westing Paper Products?"

3. What story did Sandy and Otis tell about the Westing Mansion?

4. At the first reading of the Will, what did Ed Plum give to each pair of heirs?

5. How didTurtle feel about Dr. Deere, Angela's fiance?

6. What particular trait do several of the characters share making it possible that the person seen going into the mansion by Chris could be any one of them?

7. Why was Chris watching legs from his wheelchair?

8. Why did Angela become upset when everyone continually asked about Denton?

9. Why was Judge Ford surprised at McSouthers' description of Mrs. Westing?

10. What sort of letter did the tenants of Sunset Towers receive, and what did it instruct them to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Literary elements are those parts of a literary piece that are always evident, such as character, setting, plot, etc. Literary devices are manipulations of both language and literary elements that occur in a particular story by the author to make the reading more interesting. Discuss and give examples of how Ellen Raskin handles either or both of these in a unique way to make her story more interesting to the reader.

Essay Topic 2

Why do you think Sam Westing devised the Westing game? What insight into his thoughts does the author give us as clues to his motives? What do you think about his motives? Do you approve of what he did, or not? Why or why not? Give examples from the book for your answers, including why you may or may not approve of his motives - i.e., how did what he do affect the various characters?

Essay Topic 3

Grace feels the "third bedroom is a trifle small" but it will be okay for Turtle. What does this show about how she regards Turtle? What are some other indications throughout the story that show her feelings toward Turtle? How does Grace's relationship with her children, and the way it changes over the span of the novel, show her growth in character?

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