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Short Answer Questions

1. What name did Turtle tell Flora was her real name?

2. Why would there be no autopsy on Westing's body?

3. Why didn't Dr. Wexler attend the first meeting for the reading of the Will?

4. What clever idea did Mrs. Wexler have for Hoo's restaurant?

5. Who is Barney Northrup?

Short Essay Questions

1. How didTurtle feel about Dr. Deere, Angela's fiance?

2. Why was Mrs. Hoo missing from the group of heirs, and what did this indicate about her daily life?

3. Why did Sydelle want Angela to dress as her twin for the party?

4. Why did Angela search under the hoods of the cars in the parking lot?

5. How did Turtle and Flora differ in their interpretation of what it meant to "Buy Westing Paper Products?"

6. What did the Wexlers think about the apartment shown to them?

7. How did Turtle think Westing meant for them to use the $10,000? What clues from the Will lead her to believe that?

8. What two things did Turtle find in the mansion on Halloween night?

9. How did Turtle get her nickname?

10. What parting instructions were given to the heirs at the first reading of the first part of Westing's Will?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the themes in The Westing Game is that of family. The heirs are all related in some way, except for Denton Deere, and he is Angela's fiance. However, by the end of the novel, other close ties are formed by the characters, making them a sort of "family" on a different plane. Discuss one or two of the relationships that develop and discuss why they may have formed that particular relationship. What needs for each character are being met? Give examples from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

There were many heirs that Sam Westing owed something to, either an apology or restitution in some way. Why would he choose to make restitution in the manner he did? Why not just meet the characters face-to-face and resolve their differences? Use clues given about Westing as a character that leads to understanding of his reasons for choosing the manner he did.

Essay Topic 3

Deductive reasoning is a technique for taking meaning from a work of literature. It involves logic: the conclusion drawn when fact one relates in a certain way to fact two. However, often an invalid logic statement results when fact one and fact two are not true. The conclusion is therefore not true, though the relationship between the first two facts is logical. Find an example of such a situation in the novel and discuss it fully.

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