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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Barney Northrup?

2. What was used as a fuse for the bomb set in Hoo's restaurant?

3. Which one of the heirs didn't believe Westing was murdered?

4. What happened to Westing, according to the parties gathered outside Westing House?

5. Several people are mentioned as limping. What is the reason given?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the appearance of the six apartments in the Sunset Towers building.

2. Why was Judge Ford surprised at McSouthers' description of Mrs. Westing?

3. At the first reading of the Will, what did Ed Plum give to each pair of heirs?

4. What did Turtle mean by the expression, "Paper losses. . .doesn't mean a thing"?

5. What particular trait do several of the characters share making it possible that the person seen going into the mansion by Chris could be any one of them?

6. What did the newspaperman find out about Mr. Hoo?

7. How did Turtle get her nickname?

8. Why was Mrs. Hoo missing from the group of heirs, and what did this indicate about her daily life?

9. What two unusual things happened at the supposed empty Westing Mansion?

10. What sort of letter did the tenants of Sunset Towers receive, and what did it instruct them to do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Grace feels the "third bedroom is a trifle small" but it will be okay for Turtle. What does this show about how she regards Turtle? What are some other indications throughout the story that show her feelings toward Turtle? How does Grace's relationship with her children, and the way it changes over the span of the novel, show her growth in character?

Essay Topic 2

One of the traits of the mystery genre is a crime. There is not truly a crime committed in The Westing Game, so how can it still be considered a mystery? What makes it a mystery? Use examples from the book to defend your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Every character in a well-written novel serves a purpose for being in the story. All of the characters in the Westing Game are either related to Westing on some level or were relatives of Westing - except for Denton Deere. What might Westing's purpose have been for including Deere among the heirs? What did Deere do that would help serve Westing's purpose? Use examples from the book to show Deere's possible purpose in the novel.

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