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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Turtle's least favorite of all the heirs?
(a) Judge Ford.
(b) Sandy.
(c) James Shin Hoo.
(d) Dr. Denton Deere.

2. How did Mrs. Sydelle find out who the bomber was?
(a) She overheard Turtle and Angela talking about it.
(b) She was the bomber.
(c) She caught the bomber placing one of the bombs.
(d) The bomber confessed it to her in an attempt to frighten her into sharing her clues.

3. What did Turtle do once Sandy had died to try and discover the mystery heir?
(a) She stole clues from others.
(b) She bribed Sydelle to share her notes on the Will.
(c) She used the money she had earned to buy clues for others.
(d) She played the lawyer in Judge Ford's court at Westing house.

4. What is the irony of Jake Wexler's new position?
(a) He really didn't try to solve the mystery, but accidently discovered the secret.
(b) He was a podiatrist and now sells the insoles that Hoo developed.
(c) He was a bookie and is now on the lottery commission to prevevnt gambling.
(d) His wife always teased him about being a podiatrist, and now he is head of the hospital.

5. What did Eastman know about Angela that surprises Turtle?
(a) That she didn't really love Dr. Deere.
(b) That she was the bomber.
(c) That she was her mother's favorite.
(d) That she didn't love her dad at all, just her mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which one of the heirs had hired Otis Amber?

2. At the time Sandy died and Turtle tried to discover the mystery heir, which were the only three heirs Otis Amber had not investigated?

3. What did Judge Ford think was the purpose of the Westing game?

4. Why did Theo think Otis is the murderer?

5. Where did Turtle go each Saturday?

Short Essay Questions

1. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?

2. What confession did Turtle finally make that changed the way Judge Ford looked at the Westing game?

3. Why was there to be no liquor served at Crow and Otis Amber's wedding?

4. What happened at/to the Westing house at the end of the game?

5. Why was Judge Ford so concerned about Crow in Chapter 22?

6. Why did the Judge Ford warn Sandy that they needed to keep their wits about them in Chapter 24?

7. Who was Rosalie and how did she die?

8. What realization did Judge Ford suddenly make that convinced her that Westing was still alive?

9. The second time the heirs signed the receipt for their invitation, they changed the description of the position they were signing as. Why was this?

10. What is meant by the expression, "to go on the wagon"?

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