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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?
(a) Turtle, because she was in everyone's business all the time.
(b) The lawyer, Ed Plum, just because he was a lawyer.
(c) Chris, because he might be faking needing the wheelchair.
(d) The intern, because he needed money.

2. Who were the only two people in the group of heirs that Crow cared about?
(a) Sandy and Judge Ford.
(b) Otis and Angela.
(c) Turtle and Dr. Wexler.
(d) Turle and Angela.

3. What did Mr. Westing's will give Crow?
(a) Two million dollars.
(b) $30,000.
(c) The deed to Sunset Towers.
(d) A special commorative watch of his.

4. What did Angela do to suggest that she may have already kown the contents of the gift wrapped in good foil?
(a) She wanted Turtle to open it for her.
(b) She didn't want Turtle to look inside and turned it away from her.
(c) She wanted to save it to open later.
(d) She said it is very special, but with a tone of voice saying otherwise.

5. What did Judge Ford tell the heirs about the two million dollars?
(a) That they were to divide the two million between all of them since no one really won.
(b) That she was the one who won the two million.
(c) That they didn't solve the puzzle so they didn't get it.
(d) That there was never two million dollars; it was a a lie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Turtle do once Sandy had died to try and discover the mystery heir?

2. Why did Turtle lie about Otis Amber?

3. Where did Turtle go each Saturday?

4. What indication was there that the heirs were jittery?

5. What had changed about Dr. Deere five years after the mystery was dropped?

Short Essay Questions

1. The second time the heirs signed the receipt for their invitation, they changed the description of the position they were signing as. Why was this?

2. Why did the bomb squad seem indifferent to the fact that Turtle had been blasted by the latest bomb?

3. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?

4. Why was there to be no liquor served at Crow and Otis Amber's wedding?

5. Why did George Theodorakis falter while telling the story of Violet Westing?

6. What clues indicate to the reader that the heirs were jittery and nervous after the repeated bombings?

7. Who was Rosalie and how did she die?

8. What did Mr. Hoo do that convinced Crow he couldn't be the bomber?

9. What happened at/to the Westing house at the end of the game?

10. What was the surprise that, when found out, had Turtle calling everyone a liar?

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