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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On their third snowbound day, what decision did the heirs face?
(a) Whether or not Mr. Westing was tricking them.
(b) Whether or not Crow was the murderer.
(c) Whether or not to share their clues.
(d) Whether or not to continue with the game.

2. What conclusion did Judge Ford and Sandy come up with?
(a) That one of the brothers was the heir, probably Chris.
(b) That the best way to solve the puzzle was to combine all their clues.
(c) That Westing really didn't plan to have anyone get the money.
(d) That Westing was out to get someone.

3. Each of the pairs of heirs gained something from their partner. What did Turtle gain from her partner?
(a) She got to keep all the $10,000.
(b) She got to share all the clues with other partners.
(c) She received acceptance and nurturing.
(d) She got to stop going to school so that she could help her partner.

4. What was strange about the Will?
(a) It had not been witnessed.
(b) It divided everything evenly between all heirs, including the kids.
(c) The kids were the only ones inheriting anything.
(d) It anticipated what the others would do and also gave a command for fulfillment.

5. The morning after the reading of the Will, what did Turtle do to help the others and earn some money for herself?
(a) She agreed to combine their clues and try to solve the mystery and split the money with everyone.
(b) She sold candles that were designed to tell time.
(c) She agreed to sell her half of the $10,000 to another team.
(d) She paid her sister, Angela, to let her see their clues.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT listed in the letters as features of the apartments?

2. Why did Turtle kick everything in her room as she left in Chapter 9?

3. What happened to the elevator of Sunset Towers?

4. How long did it take for all the apartments and offices in the Sunset Towers to be rented out?

5. What object was in the center of the library when the heirs gather there?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Turtle get her nickname?

2. At the first reading of the Will, what did Ed Plum give to each pair of heirs?

3. What story did Sandy and Otis tell about the Westing Mansion?

4. What did the newspaperman find out about George Theodorakis?

5. What sort of letter did the tenants of Sunset Towers receive, and what did it instruct them to do?

6. What two things did Turtle find in the mansion on Halloween night?

7. Why was Chris watching legs from his wheelchair?

8. Why did Sydelle Pulaski walk with a gaily painted crutch, and for what reason did she claim to need it?

9. How did Turtle think Westing meant for them to use the $10,000? What clues from the Will lead her to believe that?

10. Why was Judge Ford surprised at McSouthers' description of Mrs. Westing?

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