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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What made Chris so happy about the new seating arrangement that resulted in mixing up partners?
(a) He didn't have to talk to his brother.
(b) He got to share clues with another heir.
(c) He was considered as a murder suspect.
(d) He liked his new partner very much.

2. What happened to Westing, according to the parties gathered outside Westing House?
(a) He is a ghost that haunts the Mansion.
(b) His corpse is rotting in the carpet.
(c) He went away.
(d) He is a recluse in the Mansion.

3. Each of the pairs of heirs gained something from their partner. What did Turtle gain from her partner?
(a) She got to share all the clues with other partners.
(b) She got to stop going to school so that she could help her partner.
(c) She received acceptance and nurturing.
(d) She got to keep all the $10,000.

4. What exciting story did Turtle have to tell her family, but decided not to tell all the details?
(a) The ghost story related to the Westing Mansion.
(b) The story that Mr. Westing's corpse lay rotting in the Mansion.
(c) The fact that she had seen Angela's fiance with another girl.
(d) A scandal she had heard about Angela's fiance.

5. Why was Angela upset and crying at the party?
(a) Someone said something nasty to her.
(b) She had lost her clues.
(c) She was tired of her mother running everything for her.
(d) He fiance had broke up with her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following did not happen to Westing?

2. Why didn't Chris sign the check and give his partner his half of the money?

3. What unique idea did Otis Amber have about Westing's murder?

4. Why did Turtle kick everything in her room as she left in Chapter 9?

5. Why did Mrs. Pulaski think she should have a bigger share of the inheritance?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Grace Wexler do that Mr. Wexler anticipated her to do and this included in the Will?

2. Why did Angela become upset when everyone continually asked about Denton?

3. Describe the appearance of the six apartments in the Sunset Towers building.

4. When did the second bomb go off?

5. Why was Mrs. Hoo missing from the group of heirs, and what did this indicate about her daily life?

6. What did the Wexlers think about the apartment shown to them?

7. What parting instructions were given to the heirs at the first reading of the first part of Westing's Will?

8. What did the newspaperman find out about George Theodorakis?

9. What did Turtle mean by the expression, "Paper losses. . .doesn't mean a thing"?

10. What two things did Turtle find in the mansion on Halloween night?

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