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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't Doug's feet hurt when he was trailing Otis Amber?
(a) He had the paper insoles.
(b) He was riding his bicycle.
(c) He wore his special track shoes.
(d) He wore two pairs of socks.

2. Who did Theo find out he had been playing chess with?
(a) Turtle.
(b) Judge Ford.
(c) Mrs. Hoo.
(d) Sandy.

3. How did Chris presume the blank envelope ended up in his bathrobe?
(a) Angela gave it to him.
(b) The bomber mistakenly put it there.
(c) Theo put it there to give to Angela.
(d) Turtle put it there.

4. What was Grace Wexler's attitude toward Turtle at the end of the book?
(a) She was proud of Turtle, who was becoming a lawyer.
(b) She no longer recognized Turtle as her daughter.
(c) She was angry at Turtle for breaking up Angela and Dr. Deere and refused to speak to her.
(d) She still treated her like an unwanted stepchild.

5. What was on the back of the bomber's note taped to the back wall of the elevator?
(a) A note to Angela from Theo.
(b) A list of clues written in Judge Ford's handwriting.
(c) Turtle's school composition.
(d) A menu from Hoo's restaurant.

6. Why did Theo think that he must be dreaming?
(a) Chris offered to help him solve the puzzle and had been given clues by several heirs due to their sympathy.
(b) Someone whispered the answer to the clues to him.
(c) Crow pulled him into her room and he prayed with her.
(d) Crow told him what her clues revealed, and together they gave him the solution.

7. What, or who, was Grace Wexler ashamed of?
(a) Her maiden name, Windkloppel.
(b) Angela's fiance, Dr. Deere.
(c) Her daughter, Turtle.
(d) Her daughter, Angela.

8. Who did Judge Ford believe must be protected and why?
(a) Berthe Crow because she believed Crow is Westing's ex-wife.
(b) Berthe Crow, because she killed Westing's daughter.
(c) The lawyer, because he knew Westing's secrets.
(d) Sandy, because he drank on the job.

9. Who was the chess game master that T.R. Wexler had finally defeated?
(a) Chris Theodorakis.
(b) Otis Amber.
(c) An unamed Russian champ.
(d) Sam Westing.

10. What happened to Sandy in the library?
(a) He was shot by Crow.
(b) He was burned by another bomb.
(c) He died after drinking something.
(d) Turtle kicked his shin.

11. Why did Theo think Otis is the murderer?
(a) Otis acted very suspicious when Mrs. Wexler asked him a simple question and Theo overheard them.
(b) He saw Otis leaving the scene of one of the bombings.
(c) He knew Otis had a grudge against Mr. Westing.
(d) When he pus his clues together, the leftover letters spelled Otis.

12. When they could no longer work as partners, what did Theo suggest the heirs do?
(a) Work on their own, each with whatever clues they can gather.
(b) Work as individuals but share the clues and share the inheritance.
(c) Form a team and share the inheritance.
(d) Work as a team, but only the one who is correct gets the inheritance.

13. What unusual fact did Judge Ford find out about Mrs. Wexler?
(a) She was not really Turtle's mother.
(b) She was related to the cleaning worman.
(c) She was married once before.
(d) She was not related to Mr. Westing at all.

14. What assignment did Theo give to Doug Hoo?
(a) To find out what Turtle was up to.
(b) To find out what Judge Ford knew.
(c) To follow Otis Amber.
(d) To help his dad in the restaurant while he, Theo, searched for clues.

15. Who really took Turtle's Mickey Mouse clock?
(a) The bomber.
(b) Chris Theodorakis.
(c) Her sister, Angela.
(d) Mrs.Hoo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Dr. Wexler after the game is over?

2. What did Turtle find out about Sandy after the game ends?

3. Why did Dr. Deere take Chris to the hospital?

4. What did Judge Ford do to repay her debt to Sam Westing?

5. What did Angela do to suggest that she may have already kown the contents of the gift wrapped in good foil?

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