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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally happened about Chris's medical problems?
(a) A new medicine cured his shakiness and his speech, but he remained in a wheelchair.
(b) He got out of the wheelchair and was able to speak clearly.
(c) The medicine only worked temporarily and then he went back to his old condition.
(d) He never really was able to overcome his speech impediment.

2. What did Mr. Westing's will give Crow?
(a) The deed to Sunset Towers.
(b) A special commorative watch of his.
(c) Two million dollars.
(d) $30,000.

3. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?
(a) Chris, because he might be faking needing the wheelchair.
(b) The intern, because he needed money.
(c) The lawyer, Ed Plum, just because he was a lawyer.
(d) Turtle, because she was in everyone's business all the time.

4. How did Chris presume the blank envelope ended up in his bathrobe?
(a) Theo put it there to give to Angela.
(b) Turtle put it there.
(c) Angela gave it to him.
(d) The bomber mistakenly put it there.

5. How did Mrs. Sydelle find out who the bomber was?
(a) She was the bomber.
(b) The bomber confessed it to her in an attempt to frighten her into sharing her clues.
(c) She overheard Turtle and Angela talking about it.
(d) She caught the bomber placing one of the bombs.

6. What did the heirs receive in their envelopes at the second reading of the Will?
(a) Directions for finding more clues.
(b) Two additional clues.
(c) New partner assignments.
(d) A second check for $10,000.

7. Why did Judge Ford decide to move her investigation away from the Westings and onto the heirs?
(a) She decided that is the best way to discover the true heir.
(b) She couldn't get private information released about the Westings.
(c) She knew who the murderer was.
(d) She saw the possible bomber coming out of the Wexler's apartment and decided to investigate that.

8. At the second meeting of the heirs for the reading of the Will, what did Turtle convince Angela not to do?
(a) Confess to being the bomber.
(b) Marry Dr. Deere.
(c) Share her guess as to the mystery heir.
(d) Tell on her for being the bomber.

9. What did Angela do to suggest that she may have already kown the contents of the gift wrapped in good foil?
(a) She said it is very special, but with a tone of voice saying otherwise.
(b) She didn't want Turtle to look inside and turned it away from her.
(c) She wanted to save it to open later.
(d) She wanted Turtle to open it for her.

10. What did Judge Ford do at the second meeting that shocked everyone?
(a) She wore a full ethnic costume, with a turban on her head.
(b) She confessed to being the bomber.
(c) She announced who the mystery heir was.
(d) She resigned from the game because she wanted to protect someone.

11. Who got married in Hoo's Restaurant?
(a) Angela and Theo.
(b) Angela and Denton Deere.
(c) Turtle and Chris.
(d) Crow and Otis Amber.

12. What did Judge Ford think was the purpose of the Westing game?
(a) To decide who would get Sam Westing's inheritance.
(b) To find the murder of Sam Westing.
(c) For the enjoyment of Sam Westing.
(d) To punish Crow for causing her child's death.

13. What did Theo discover when he analyzed his clues?
(a) The letters of his clues didn't spell anything that he could determine.
(b) The letters don't spell the initials of four of the heirs.
(c) The formula for an explosive and the name of a suspect.
(d) The letters spell out the full name of one of the heirs.

14. What did Mr. Hoo promise his business partner in Chapter 27?
(a) He would take her to China.
(b) He would promote their product worldwide.
(c) He would reinvest their earnings.
(d) He would share the profits equally.

15. Who was Rosalie?
(a) She was a nurse at the hospital.
(b) She was Mr. Westing's wife.
(c) She was Crow's daughter.
(d) She was Flora Baumbach's daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Judge Ford think was actually in the coffin?

2. Why did Theo think Otis is the murderer?

3. What assignment did Theo give to Doug Hoo?

4. What is the irony of Jake Wexler's new position?

5. What did Judge Ford tell the heirs about the two million dollars?

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