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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Sydelle using a polka dotted crutch in Chapter 29?
(a) She never recovered from a bombing injury.
(b) She carried a crutch only as a fashion statement, changing the design to match her dresses.
(c) She had sprained her knee dancing the tango at a party.
(d) She still used a crutch to get the extra attention from others.

2. Why did Judge Ford repeatedly call herself stupid?
(a) She couldn't solve the mystery.
(b) Sam Westing had won the game and was her partner.
(c) She had lost her clues.
(d) She gave her checks to Sandy and he died.

3. What had changed about Dr. Deere five years after the mystery was dropped?
(a) He grew a moustache and became a neurologist.
(b) He married Angela and decided to change careers to a lawyer.
(c) He won the two million and finished medical school.
(d) He broke up with Angela and married Turtle, who had hated him at first.

4. What did Turtle do once Sandy had died to try and discover the mystery heir?
(a) She played the lawyer in Judge Ford's court at Westing house.
(b) She stole clues from others.
(c) She bribed Sydelle to share her notes on the Will.
(d) She used the money she had earned to buy clues for others.

5. In Chapter 19, who did Otis Amber accuse of being responsible for the bombings?
(a) Mrs. Wexler.
(b) Mr. Hoo.
(c) Turtle Wexler.
(d) Judge Ford.

6. Where did Turtle go each Saturday?
(a) To visit Sandy/Westing/Eastman.
(b) To visit her sister in college.
(c) To the library.
(d) To visit her finance.

7. Who were the only two people in the group of heirs that Crow cared about?
(a) Otis and Angela.
(b) Turle and Angela.
(c) Turtle and Dr. Wexler.
(d) Sandy and Judge Ford.

8. Five years after the heirs gave up the search, why was Mr. Hoo almost happy?
(a) He was taking Mrs. Hoo to China.
(b) He and Grace knew the answer to the mystery.
(c) Grace had signed her part of the check over to him.
(d) His paper insoles were selling well.

9. After reexamining their clues, who did Grace and Mr. Hoo think was involved in the mystery?
(a) Turtle, because she was in everyone's business all the time.
(b) The intern, because he needed money.
(c) Chris, because he might be faking needing the wheelchair.
(d) The lawyer, Ed Plum, just because he was a lawyer.

10. How did Turtle defend the use of the radio in school?
(a) She said she was doing research for her science project.
(b) She said it helped her study by shutting out noises.
(c) She said her mother told her she could bring it.
(d) She said it helped her toothache.

11. Why was Turtle so happy that Angela was prompted to ask her why?
(a) The stock market jumped 25 points.
(b) She discovered the mystery heir.
(c) She found out Sandy was alive.
(d) She discovered who Sam Westing really was.

12. What had changed in Angela's life in the five years since Sandy died and the heirs gave up their search for the mystery?
(a) She had returned to college and broken her engagement to Dr. Deere.
(b) She solved the mystery and inherited the two million dollars.
(c) She decided to be a lawyer llike Judge Ford and put her marriage on hold until she finished school.
(d) She had plastic surgery to repair her scar and gotten married.

13. What did Theo discover when he analyzed his clues?
(a) The formula for an explosive and the name of a suspect.
(b) The letters of his clues didn't spell anything that he could determine.
(c) The letters spell out the full name of one of the heirs.
(d) The letters don't spell the initials of four of the heirs.

14. Who got married in Hoo's Restaurant?
(a) Turtle and Chris.
(b) Angela and Denton Deere.
(c) Angela and Theo.
(d) Crow and Otis Amber.

15. In Chapter 25, what did Dr. Deere accuse Turtle of doing?
(a) Stealing everyone's clues.
(b) Kicking Sandy's shin.
(c) Stealing a copy of the will.
(d) Setting a bomb to go off in three hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were the guests at Angela's shower?

2. What, or who, was Grace Wexler ashamed of?

3. Why did Turtle set off fireworks in the hall?

4. Who was the chess game master that T.R. Wexler had finally defeated?

5. Who did Judge Ford think the heirs needed to protect?

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