The Westing Game Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the appearance of the six apartments in the Sunset Towers building.

All six apartments in Sunset Towers have a picture window in every room, a uniformed doorman, and maid service. However, they do not face west and have no towers. The building is five stories high and is empty.

2. What did the Wexlers think about the apartment shown to them?

Mrs. Wexler was impressed with the apartment and its lake view, and was especially impressed with the prestige it would bring them to live in such an exclusive community. However, Dr. Wexler was not quite so impressed; one bedroom was so small he saids it looks like a closet.

3. What two unusual things happened at the supposed empty Westing Mansion?

Although the Westing Mansion is supposedly empty, Turtle and Chris saw smoke coming from the chimney, and Chris also saw someone with a limp going into the mansion.

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