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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Five Years Pass: Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Judge Ford tell the heirs about the two million dollars?
(a) That she was the one who won the two million.
(b) That they didn't solve the puzzle so they didn't get it.
(c) That they were to divide the two million between all of them since no one really won.
(d) That there was never two million dollars; it was a a lie.

2. What noble thing did Angela do at her shower?
(a) Fixed Turtle's hair in a new style that made her look more attractive.
(b) Gave Turtle her clues since she was about to be married and too busy to pursue the mystery.
(c) Shared her presents with Turtle.
(d) Saved Turtle from being harmed by the bomb.

3. Five years after the heirs gave up the search, why was Mr. Hoo almost happy?
(a) He and Grace knew the answer to the mystery.
(b) Grace had signed her part of the check over to him.
(c) His paper insoles were selling well.
(d) He was taking Mrs. Hoo to China.

4. What had changed in Angela's life in the five years since Sandy died and the heirs gave up their search for the mystery?
(a) She had returned to college and broken her engagement to Dr. Deere.
(b) She solved the mystery and inherited the two million dollars.
(c) She had plastic surgery to repair her scar and gotten married.
(d) She decided to be a lawyer llike Judge Ford and put her marriage on hold until she finished school.

5. In Chapter 25, what did Dr. Deere accuse Turtle of doing?
(a) Kicking Sandy's shin.
(b) Stealing everyone's clues.
(c) Stealing a copy of the will.
(d) Setting a bomb to go off in three hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. From her newspaper research, which of the following did Judge Ford find had a connection to Mr. Westing?

2. Why did Grace Wexler say, "Who's that?" when Turtle greeted her in Chapter 23?

3. What did Otis mean by the phrase, "The turtle's lost its tail"?

4. Why did Theo think that he must be dreaming?

5. Why were the residents of Sunset Towers given an invitation to the reading of Westing's Will?

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