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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Five Years Pass: Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Sydelle Pulaski throw her crutches into the air?
(a) She decided to stop faking her illness.
(b) She figured out the song the clues were from.
(c) She heard another bomb go off and was startled.
(d) She found out Angela was the bomber.

2. What new job did Mrs. Wexler acquire?
(a) Bookkeeper for her husband's business
(b) Seating hostess for Hoo's restaurant.
(c) Cook for Hoo's restaurant.
(d) Wedding hostess.

3. Who did Judge Ford think was actually in the coffin?
(a) Barney Northrup.
(b) A wax dummy.
(c) A unknown victim.
(d) Dr. Sikes.

4. Which one of the heirs had hired Otis Amber?
(a) Dr. Wexler.
(b) Mrs. Wexler.
(c) Sandy.
(d) Judge J.J. Ford.

5. Why did Theo think Otis is the murderer?
(a) He knew Otis had a grudge against Mr. Westing.
(b) He saw Otis leaving the scene of one of the bombings.
(c) When he pus his clues together, the leftover letters spelled Otis.
(d) Otis acted very suspicious when Mrs. Wexler asked him a simple question and Theo overheard them.

Short Answer Questions

1. There was a lot of speculation by the group outside Westing House about how Westing died. Which of the following was NOT a part of that speculation?

2. Why did Ms. Pulaski fake an illness?

3. At the time Sandy died and Turtle tried to discover the mystery heir, which were the only three heirs Otis Amber had not investigated?

4. How did Turtle get into Westing Mansion?

5. What noble thing did Angela do at her shower?

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