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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wrong All Wrong: Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Theo in the hospital?
(a) He was hurt in a chemistry experiment explosion.
(b) He was hurt when someone hit him in the elevator.
(c) He had a bicycle accident.
(d) He was hurt when setting one of the bombs.

2. Why did Dr. Deere take Chris to the hospital?
(a) To keep him from searching for clues.
(b) For a visit to Angela.
(c) To show Chris what Dr. Deere did all day.
(d) To get a new treatment for his ailment that didn't involve surgery.

3. Why did Angela and Mrs. Pulaski dress alike to go to the party?
(a) They didn't plan it, they just happened to wear the same thing.
(b) They thought one of the clues was about twins and wanted to get someone to talk about twins.
(c) They wanted to be like mother and daughter.
(d) They wanted to confuse everyone about who was who.

4. Why did Doug panic when Mr. Hoo mentioned alibis?
(a) Because he knew who the culprit was and didn't want them caught.
(b) Because he had been there the night of the supposed murder.
(c) Because he was the one who murdered Mr. Westing.
(d) Because he couldn't remember where he was the night of the murder.

5. Why did Turtle think that it would be a good idea to call Flora Baumbach by another name?
(a) She wanted to use Flora's name as a secret code.
(b) She wanted to call her mom because she was so nice to her.
(c) Because everyone thought she was saying bomb when she called her.
(d) She thought Baumbach was a stupid name.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would there be no autopsy on Westing's body?

2. What did Otis mean by the phrase, "The turtle's lost its tail"?

3. What mystery did Westing reveal in the Will?

4. What new job did Mrs. Wexler acquire?

5. Mrs. Wexler had plans for the entire $10,000 that she and Mr. Hoo got. What was her plan?

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