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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Confessions: Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Mrs. Sydelle get hurt?
(a) From the explosion in Hoo's kitchen.
(b) She slid on the ice.
(c) She fell in the elevator while reading the notices.
(d) Someone pushed her down in the hall and disappeared.

2. Why didn't Chris sign the check and give his partner his half of the money?
(a) He wanted to force his partner to visit him again and again.
(b) He wanted to use the money for an operation.
(c) He planned to use the check to blackmail the doctor into operating on him.
(d) He wanted to keep the money for himself.

3. Who did Judge Ford believe must be protected and why?
(a) The lawyer, because he knew Westing's secrets.
(b) Berthe Crow, because she killed Westing's daughter.
(c) Berthe Crow because she believed Crow is Westing's ex-wife.
(d) Sandy, because he drank on the job.

4. Why didn't Doug's feet hurt when he was trailing Otis Amber?
(a) He had the paper insoles.
(b) He wore his special track shoes.
(c) He was riding his bicycle.
(d) He wore two pairs of socks.

5. Why did Madame Hoo not attend the reading of the Will?
(a) She wasn't related to Mr. Westing.
(b) She had to work at the restaurant while her husband attended.
(c) She wasn't told and she didn't speak English.
(d) She didn't think she would inherit anything.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one trait of the Sunset Towers apartment building?

2. What will happen to the person who finds out who killed Westing?

3. Why was Turtle in Westing Mansion?

4. What made Chris so happy about the new seating arrangement that resulted in mixing up partners?

5. What did Angela do to suggest that she may have already kown the contents of the gift wrapped in good foil?

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