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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Meeting: Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The morning after the reading of the Will, what did Turtle do to help the others and earn some money for herself?
(a) She paid her sister, Angela, to let her see their clues.
(b) She agreed to combine their clues and try to solve the mystery and split the money with everyone.
(c) She agreed to sell her half of the $10,000 to another team.
(d) She sold candles that were designed to tell time.

2. What happened to Westing, according to the parties gathered outside Westing House?
(a) He is a ghost that haunts the Mansion.
(b) He is a recluse in the Mansion.
(c) His corpse is rotting in the carpet.
(d) He went away.

3. What will happen to the person who finds out who killed Westing?
(a) They are to see that they are prosecuted.
(b) They will inherit everything.
(c) They will be excluded from the Will.
(d) They are to hire a lawyer for their defense.

4. What was strange about the Will?
(a) It anticipated what the others would do and also gave a command for fulfillment.
(b) It divided everything evenly between all heirs, including the kids.
(c) The kids were the only ones inheriting anything.
(d) It had not been witnessed.

5. What is one trait of the Sunset Towers apartment building?
(a) It had only one apartment left to rent when the notes went out.
(b) It has four towers, one on each corner.
(c) It faces the West toward the sunset.
(d) Each apartment has a view of the Westing Mansion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Turtle run out of the mansion after only eleven minutes?

2. Why didn't Dr. Wexler attend the first meeting for the reading of the Will?

3. Why were the residents of Sunset Towers given an invitation to the reading of Westing's Will?

4. Several people are mentioned as limping. What is the reason given?

5. What happened to the elevator of Sunset Towers?

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