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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Westing Game: Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Turtle run out of the mansion after only eleven minutes?
(a) She felt a waxy hand grab her arm.
(b) The boys pretended to be ghosts and scared her.
(c) She heard a throbbing whisper and ran away.
(d) She only needed $22.

2. What discovery did Chris Theodorakis make while birdwatching?
(a) He saw a person with a limp going into Westing Mansion.
(b) He found a purple marlin on the roof of the Mansion.
(c) He saw Mr. Westing coming out of the Mansion.
(d) He saw Turtle and the gang getting ready to go into the Mansion.

3. What is strange about the Westing House?
(a) It is supposed to be empty but has smoke coming out of the chimney.
(b) Kids live in it all alone.
(c) It has reflective windows all around.
(d) Mr. Westing is found dead in it.

4. Why was Turtle in Westing Mansion?
(a) She was staying there because of a bet in which she would earn $2 for each minute she stayed there.
(b) It was Halloween and she wanted to see the ghost that was supposed to be there.
(c) She and her friends decided to trick everyone on Halloween and pretend to be ghosts.
(d) It was Halloween and she wanted to discount the story of a ghost.

5. What is the setting of Chapter 7?
(a) The book doesn't say.
(b) In the game room of Westing House.
(c) In the lawyer's office.
(d) In the restaurant in Sunset Towers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was speculated as being the real reason Dr. Wexler didn't attend the first reading of the Will?

2. Each of the pairs of heirs gained something from their partner. What did Turtle gain from her partner?

3. Which pair of heirs did not get their money?

4. When E.J. Plum started the reading of the Will, what do readers find out about why the residents of Sunset Towers were included in the Will?

5. What was the state of mind of all the tenants of Sunset Towers upon moving in?

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