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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Westing's Wake: Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the state of mind of all the tenants of Sunset Towers upon moving in?
(a) They were all content.
(b) They all had some hidden problem.
(c) They all were angry with each other.
(d) They all were angry at Barney Northrup for deceiving them.

2. What did Turtle want so badly that she was willing to accept a bet to stay in the Westing Mansion?
(a) A new video game.
(b) A new outfit for school that matched one that her best friend had.
(c) A new bicycle.
(d) A year's subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

3. What was supposed to be wrong with Sydelle Pulaski?
(a) She didn't get along with any of the others.
(b) She couldn't read or write.
(c) She had cheated Mr. Westing and so was afraid to come to the reading.
(d) She was supposed to have a wasting disease.

4. What did Mr. Hoo think caused the explosion in the kitchen of the coffee shop?
(a) Heat from the stove.
(b) Fireworks planted in the kitchen.
(c) A bomb.
(d) He thought it was faked.

5. What happened to the Westing Paper Products stock in Chapter 20?
(a) It was the highest ever.
(b) It went down just a little below what Turtle had paid for it.
(c) It bottomed out.
(d) It was not traded at all for some reason.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is strange about the Westing House?

2. What happened to Sandy in the library?

3. What does Judge Ford recognize as the famous Westing trap?

4. What was speculated as being the real reason Dr. Wexler didn't attend the first reading of the Will?

5. Who did Theo find out he had been playing chess with?

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