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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Westing's Wake: Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two residents of Sunset Towers did not go to the reading of the Will?
(a) Turtle and Angela.
(b) Turtle and Chris.
(c) Dr. and Mrs. Wexler.
(d) Dr. Wexler and Madame Hoo.

2. What does Judge Ford recognize as the famous Westing trap?
(a) Pitting players against each other.
(b) The queen's sacrifice.
(c) The Westing game.
(d) Various disguises.

3. What is the setting of Chapter 7?
(a) In the lawyer's office.
(b) In the game room of Westing House.
(c) In the restaurant in Sunset Towers.
(d) The book doesn't say.

4. What clues were left on the elevator wall for all to see?
(a) Fake clues teasing Turtle about her braid.
(b) Additional clues left by Mr. Westing.
(c) Fake clues meant to mislead the other heirs.
(d) Six clues found on the floor in the hallway.

5. What important clue did Theo give Angela?
(a) He told her Sydelle was faking the wasting illness.
(b) That the expression, "May God thy gold refine," was from the song, "America, the Beautiful."
(c) He gave her two of his own clues.
(d) He told her who planted the bombs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the two boys who were to stay overnight at the Westing House?

2. Why did Angela hesitate to call the fire department?

3. Why didn't Dr. Wexler attend the first meeting for the reading of the Will?

4. What unusual fact did Judge Ford find out about Mrs. Wexler?

5. Why didn't Chris sign the check and give his partner his half of the money?

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