The Westing Game Character Descriptions

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Samuel W. Westing

This character disappeared after a car accident. This character also has an estate worth over two hundred million dollars.

Turtle Wexler

This character is a 13-year-old stock market whiz who is angry at the world.

Grace Windsor Wexler

This character becomes the hostess for Shin Hoo's Restaurant.

Dr. Jake Wexler

This character is a 45-year-old podiatrist who's also a bookie.

Angela Wexler

This character wanted to become a doctor, and went to college for a year, but was discouraged in that pursuit by a parent.

Sydelle Pulaski

This character seeks attention and sympathy by faking a mysterious illness that requires the use of crutches which are painted in wild colors and designs.


This character is scar-faced and bitter about being fired from the Westing paper mill after working there for twenty years.

Otis Amber

This character is the delivery person and is always wearing...

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