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Sunset Towers: Chapter 1

• Readers are introduced to the apartment building; all apartments are rented.

• Several major characters are introduced, specifically Barney Northrup, Dr. and Mrs. Wexler, and Sydelle Pulaski.

• Readers learn of the mysterious nature of the Westing Mansion - it is not on the West, but on the North hill.

Ghosts or Worse: Chapter 2

• Shin Hoo's Restaurant and the coffee shop open for business.

• Smoke is seen coming out of the supposedly abandoned Westing Mansion.

• Readers learn of the rumor that Westing died and is decaying in the mansion.

• Readers learn of the bet about staying in the mansion, which left two people affected.

• Chris discovers someone with a limp entering the mansion, and smoke from the chimney soon after.

Tenants In and Out: Chapter 3

• Angela Wexler is being fitted for her wedding dress.

• Turtle doesn't like Dr. Deere, Angela's fiance, because she believes him to be...

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