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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is NOT an item given to Beryl for her historic flight?
(a) Flares.
(b) A watch.
(c) A lifejacket.
(d) A sprig of heather.

2. Why are Beryl and Blix detained in Cagliari?
(a) They do not have the right paperwork.
(b) Because they do not believe Beryl is a woman.
(c) Blix is disrespectful to an official.
(d) They fit the description of a couple the police are looking for.

3. What happens when Beryl lands on the airstrip trying to retrieve Blix and Winston?
(a) She overshoots the runway and the plane ends up in the brush.
(b) The plane is damaged.
(c) The plane stumbles over.
(d) She makes a perfect landing.

4. What happens to Beryl's plane after her transatlantic flight?
(a) It is used for scrap metal in World War Two.
(b) J.C. Carberry sells it to a man who lets it deteriorate.
(c) It is placed in the town square where she was born.
(d) It is placed in a museum.

5. Why is Beryl concerned about Wise Child?
(a) Beryl recently changed Wise Child's diet.
(b) The anabolic steroids the horse is on are having adverse side effects.
(c) Wise Child's legs might fail during the race.
(d) The horse's back muscles are stiff.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wise Child do in the Saint Leger race?

2. Who does Beryl need to get permission from to fly from Juba and Wadi Halfa?

3. Why did Blix refrain from shooting the elephant that he and Beryl had scouted?

4. What prediction does Beryl receive from a customs official?

5. How would Beryl like to help the woman in Benghazi?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news detracts from Beryl's accomplishment?

2. Where do Beryl and Blix stay in Benghazi?

3. In Cairo, what does Blix tell Beryl he has seen after a night of drinking?

4. Why does Blix refrain from shooting the elephant that he and Beryl had scouted?

5. What does Beryl learn about her feat after she returns to London?

6. What are Beryl and Blix required to do after they take off from Amseat?

7. What happens when Beryl arrives in Nova Scotia?

8. What happens when Beryl flies to the hunters' camp at Ithumba?

9. Who is the passenger of the plane that lands in Nairobi, and what condition is that passenger in?

10. Why were Beryl and Blix forced to stay grounded in Cairo for a week?

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