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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Beryl eventually find Woody?
(a) Lying between two large boulders.
(b) Under a tree.
(c) In a crevice.
(d) In the cockpit of his plane.

2. Who does Beryl see before meeting up with the lion on the farm?
(a) Kibii.
(b) Lord Delamere.
(c) Mrs. Elkington.
(d) Bishon Singh.

3. Why is Woody's plane not suited for flying in Africa?
(a) Because Africa has strong wind currents that can send the plane into a spin.
(b) Because Africa is too wild and spread out.
(c) The plane needs a long runway that is typically not available.
(d) Because Africa is hot and the engine overheats easily.

4. Where did Beryl Markham grow up?
(a) In a city.
(b) In a tribal community.
(c) In a small village.
(d) On a farm.

5. Who owns the farm where there is a lion that is allowed to roam free?
(a) J.C. Carberry.
(b) The Elkingtons.
(c) C.B. Clutterbuck
(d) The Delameres.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Beryl and Woody encounter while Beryl is helping Woody to her plane?

2. What feat gives Beryl Markham celebrity status?

3. What is Beryl's reaction to the man with Blackwater at Nungwe?

4. Why does Beryl decline her acquaintance's offer while she is assisting Woody?

5. How does Beryl feel when taking off for the emergency mission to Nungwe?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the runway like when Beryl landed at Nungwe?

2. What do Beryl and Kibii want from a Wondorobo?

3. Where does most of the flour produced by Beryl's father's grist mill go?

4. Who is Lady Delemere?

5. Who is Buller?

6. Where does Beryl eventually find Woody?

7. What does the man with Blackwater tell Beryl when she talks with him at Nungwe?

8. What happens when Beryl beats a Nandi boy at a game played by natives?

9. What is Beryl's reaction when she sees the man with Blackwater at Nungwe?

10. Why does Beryl need to tend to an emergency in the middle of the night?

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