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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Beryl and Blix are examining the elephants they have scouted?
(a) One of the elephants catches their scent.
(b) Two of the elephants get into a fight near Beryl and Blix.
(c) One of the elephants charges at them.
(d) The elephants do not see them and almost stomps on them.

2. What is the situation when Beryl finds Blix and Winston after searching for their hunting party?
(a) They have run out of food and the porters are on strike.
(b) Winston has injured his leg.
(c) The porters have set up a camp until they can be rescued.
(d) They are dehydrated.

3. What does Beryl's flight instructor teach her to trust above all?
(a) The condition of the skies.
(b) Her gut.
(c) The wind currents.
(d) Her compass.

4. Why are Beryl and Blix grounded for a week?
(a) Because of the weather.
(b) They need permission from the Italian government to continue.
(c) The plane needs repairs.
(d) Blix meets up with an old friend.

5. Why does Beryl need to get permission to fly from Juba and Wadi Halfa?
(a) Because it is a swamp and a pilot would be stranded if he or she has to land.
(b) There are many hostile natives in the area.
(c) The plane may be a security threat.
(d) The government needs to track all customs in the area.

6. Why is Beryl concerned about Wise Child?
(a) The horse's back muscles are stiff.
(b) Wise Child's legs might fail during the race.
(c) The anabolic steroids the horse is on are having adverse side effects.
(d) Beryl recently changed Wise Child's diet.

7. What does Beryl find when she arrives at Ithumba?
(a) The hunting party has killed a lot of game.
(b) The hunting party is drunk.
(c) The camp has been ransacked.
(d) The hunting party has not arrived.

8. How would Beryl like to help the woman in Benghazi?
(a) By putting her in contact with a local missionary church.
(b) By giving her money.
(c) By giving her the name of a local official.
(d) By offering to talk to friends in London to see if they can assist her.

9. How does Wise Child do in the Saint Leger race?
(a) She takes second in the final stretch.
(b) She wins.
(c) She comes in last.
(d) She comes in fourth.

10. Why does Wrack's owner change his mind about Beryl being his trainer?
(a) Because he does not like Beryl's training methods.
(b) Because she is too young.
(c) Becuase he does not like Beryl's attitude.
(d) It was on the advice of a friend.

11. What is Beryl's assessment of her historic flight?
(a) That it could be retooled and attempted again.
(b) That it is a failure.
(c) That it received too much publicity.
(d) That it is a success.

12. What does J.C. Carberry give to Beryl before flying to Ithumba?
(a) A bottle of gin.
(b) An elephant tusk.
(c) Some coffee.
(d) Some water.

13. Where does Beryl go to live after her flight?
(a) British East Africa.
(b) The United States.
(c) Canada.
(d) England.

14. What is the nature of the phone call Beryl receives after she arrives in London?
(a) Her father is wishing her luck.
(b) She is invited to a coctkail party as the Duke of Gloucester's guest.
(c) The mechanics have done a complete check on her plane.
(d) That this day would be the best weather for a transatlantic flight.

15. Why does Blix's hunting party want to set up a camp at Ithumba?
(a) Because another hunting party had shot a large elephant there the week before.
(b) Because the elephants are migrating into the area.
(c) Because a large bull elephant was sighted there.
(d) Because there is a large water hole there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Beryl need to get permission from to fly from Juba and Wadi Halfa?

2. What are Beryl and Blix instructed to do when they depart from Amseat?

3. What happens after Beryl and Blix leave Cagliari?

4. What happens to Wise Child after the Saint Leger race?

5. Where does Beryl decide she would like to move after rescuing the hunting party?

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