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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Beryl have the saddest tone in the final chapter?
(a) When there is a change in her relationship with her father.
(b) When she thinks about the deaths of her friends.
(c) When she discusses the changes in Africa.
(d) When she reflects that she was never close to her mother.

2. What happens to Beryl's plane after her transatlantic flight?
(a) It is placed in the town square where she was born.
(b) J.C. Carberry sells it to a man who lets it deteriorate.
(c) It is placed in a museum.
(d) It is used for scrap metal in World War Two.

3. How does Blix pass the time while in Cairo?
(a) Sightseeing.
(b) Drinking with firends.
(c) Reading.
(d) Gambling.

4. What are Beryl and Blix instructed to do when they depart from Amseat?
(a) To sign official documents.
(b) To have a safe flight.
(c) To circle over three forts.
(d) To drop off some cargo in Bayda.

5. What is the nature of the phone call Beryl receives after she arrives in London?
(a) That this day would be the best weather for a transatlantic flight.
(b) Her father is wishing her luck.
(c) The mechanics have done a complete check on her plane.
(d) She is invited to a coctkail party as the Duke of Gloucester's guest.

6. What is the content of the telegram Beryl receives?
(a) The sender wants her to fly greater distances.
(b) The sender encourages her to come to England.
(c) The sender wants her to train his horses.
(d) The sender is making final arrangements for a safari he has organized.

7. What idea does Denys Finch Hatton have for hunting?
(a) To herd game using a plane.
(b) To scare competing hunting parties' game away using an airplane.
(c) To scout elephants by plane.
(d) To hunt game from an airplane.

8. Why does Blix's hunting party want to set up a camp at Ithumba?
(a) Because there is a large water hole there.
(b) Because the elephants are migrating into the area.
(c) Because a large bull elephant was sighted there.
(d) Because another hunting party had shot a large elephant there the week before.

9. What happens after Beryl and Blix leave Cagliari?
(a) They have an argument.
(b) They run into a thunderstorm.
(c) They realize they left their papers there and have to turn around to retrieve them.
(d) The plane has engine trouble.

10. What are Beryl and Blix looking for when out on an elephant scouting mission for a client?
(a) A large herd of elephants.
(b) Male elephants with big tusks.
(c) A place near a water hole.
(d) Elephants within walking distance from camp.

11. What happens to the plane on one of the scouting flights Beryl takes with her flight instructor?
(a) The engine stops.
(b) The fuel gauge stops working.
(c) Beryl cannot get the plane to gain altitude.
(d) The radio does not work.

12. Why are Beryl and Blix detained in Cagliari?
(a) They do not have the right paperwork.
(b) Because they do not believe Beryl is a woman.
(c) They fit the description of a couple the police are looking for.
(d) Blix is disrespectful to an official.

13. Who is the passenger in the plane that lands in Nairobi?
(a) A man who has been stabbed.
(b) A man who is mauled by a lion.
(c) A railroad worker who is injured after a dynamite explosion.
(d) A man who is injured in a mine collapse.

14. What happens when Beryl lands on the airstrip trying to retrieve Blix and Winston?
(a) The plane stumbles over.
(b) She makes a perfect landing.
(c) The plane is damaged.
(d) She overshoots the runway and the plane ends up in the brush.

15. How does Beryl get Makula to fly in her plane?
(a) She threatens him.
(b) She does some guided visual imagery with him prior to the takeoff.
(c) Makula flies the whole distance with a blanket over his head.
(d) She coaxes him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tom Black move to after he leaves British East Africa?

2. Why is Beryl not allowed to fly solo between Juba and Wadi Halfa without permission and other pilots are?

3. What does Beryl learn about the woman whom she helps make dinner in Benghazi?

4. Why does Beryl think it is crazy for men to hunt elephants?

5. What happens when Winston eventually kills the elephant found by Beryl and Blix?

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