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D.H. Gypsy Moth

The main character is taught how to fly in this plane.

Avro Avian

This is a small two-person plane that the main character flies in Africa as a bush pilot.

The Messenger

A specially designed airplane that the main character flies from London and crash lands in Nova Scotia.

German Klemm Monoplane

An airplane that is not suited for flying in Africa and leaves a pilot stranded after it fails.

Nandi Murani

A native tribe of African people that live near the main character and teach this character how to hunt.

Elkington's Farm

Where the main character is mauled by a lion as a child.


The capitol of Kenya in East Africa.


A small mining town west and south of the capitol of Kenya.


This place is where the main character's father establishes his farm.


A city in England where...

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