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West with the Night Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

How is Beryl able to transcend her gender and social roles during her lifetime? How have Beryl's upbringing and growing up in British East Africa shaped her as an adult? Use specific examples from the book.

How was survival an integral part of West with the Night? How did that concept relate to Beryl Markham? What were her views on that topic? Support your responses with examples from the book.

How does Beryl Markham depict the relationship between the colonizers and the colonized in British East Africa? As a foreigner living in Africa, do you think that Markham supports the colonial system or does she criticize it? Support your opinions with evidence from the book.

What does flight symbolize in West with the Night? What does flight mean to Beryl? Use specific examples from the book.

What is Beryl's view toward hunting elephants? Why does she think that...

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