West with the Night Character Descriptions

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Beryl Markham

This character is born in England and moves to Kenya as a small child. As an adult, this character is challenged to become the first person to fly non-stop from London the New York.

Tom Black

This character learns to fly during the first World War and becomes the managing director and chief pilot of Wilson Airways. This character also teaches the main character how to fly.


This character is a white hunter who organizes and leads safaris in Africa.

Kibii, Arab Ruta

This character is a childhood friend of the main character, but becomes a servant of the main character as an adult.

J.C. Carberry

This character is a rich individual who owns a coffee plantation called Seramai, which finances the historic flight for the main character.

Denys Finch-Hatton

This character is a white hunter and aviator who comes up with the idea...

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