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Dolen Perkins-Valdez
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The Tawawa House

This is located in the free Northern state of Ohio, and is a regular reprieve for men looking to get away from their lives, go hunting, fishing, and have romantic vacations away with their mistresses.

The Lewis House

This is the vacation resort for freed blacks who live in the North.


They are whites - both in the North and South - as well as freed blacks in the North who actively work to abolish or end slavery.

The Missouri Compromise

This was an agreement passed in 1820 to regulate slave trade in the western states, essentially prohibiting slavery in one particular state.

Mr. Goodfellow

This is the one-eyed horse that Drayle first took Lizzie riding on when he brought her to meet Polly, her long lost sister.


These are early reading books that show the letters and the sounds they make.

The Underground Railroad

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