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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when the DJ delivers Paul's message?

2. What does Newt ask Catharine before kissing her a second time?

3. What is the mental handicap in "Harrison Bergeron?"

4. Where is the salesman told to go to try to get a sale?

5. What are the Bergerons watching on television?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens at the Bergeron house after Harrison is killed?

2. What does Em catch Lou doing in "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow?"

3. Why does David look for a job at the Works in "Deer in the Works?"

4. How does Alma describe Foster's childhood to the investor in "The Foster Portfolio?"

5. How does Grace react to her home when she returns from the hospital in "More Stately Mansions?"

6. Why do the amphibians think their way of life is better in "Unready to Wear?"

7. How does Catharine change when she goes to the orchard with Newt?

8. In "The Lie," why is Eli so nervous about telling his father his entrance exam results?

9. How does Kelly try to trick Pi Ying?

10. What happens when Joe leaves the orphanage in "D.P.?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some of Vonnegut's stories could be described as science fiction. First, give an accurate definition of this genre. Then explain how Vonnegut's stories fit into the definition or do not fit in.

Essay Topic 2

Vonnegut writes several stories that focus on life in the future. Choose three stories about the future and compare and contrast them. Consider what advancements are made, how people live their lives, major themes, and Vonnegut's warnings for the future.

Essay Topic 3

How are international relations represented in Vonnegut's stories? Write about how different countries clash, work together, and affect each other in this collection of stories. How does the use of international relationships develop these stories? What message is delivered about these relationships?

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