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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Unready to Wear.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Euphio broadcast euphoria from?
(a) Space.
(b) A radio station.
(c) Underground.
(d) Someone's home.

2. Where does the salesman visit in "Where I Live?"
(a) The city hall.
(b) The mall.
(c) The library.
(d) The bookstore.

3. In "Where I Live," what does the salesman sell?
(a) Fiction books.
(b) Encyclopedias.
(c) Dictionaries.
(d) Photo albums.

4. What surprises Vonnegut about new dictionaries?
(a) The inclusion of works of art.
(b) The number of words.
(c) The long definitions.
(d) The lack of foreign langauge translation.

5. At the end of "All the King's Men," what does Barzov claim?
(a) That he doesn't want to start a fight with America.
(b) That he won't let Kelly's wife go.
(c) That Pi Ying was a good leader.
(d) That he lost the game on purpose.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is required to take ethical birth control pills?

2. Why does Newt kiss Catharine during their walk?

3. How is Barnstable described?

4. What does the army do with Joe in "D.P.?"

5. In "D.P.," who runs the orphanage?

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