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Where I Live

• A salesman visits Barnstable, a small and unchanging community.

• He realizes that the library's reference section is out of date.

• The salesman is told he can find the library's trustees at a yacht club.

• The salesman only finds a shack.

• Disgruntled, the salesman heads home.

Harrison Bergeron

• People must wear handicaps to make everyone equal.

• The Bergeron's son, Harrison, was jailed when he was 14.

• While watching balet on the television, the Bergerons see a breaking news report that their son has escaped jail.

• Harrison is considered dangerous because he isn't wearing his handicaps.

• Harrison appears on television and declares himself emperor of the world.

• Harrison is shot by the Handicapper General.

• The Bergerons are sad, but they can't remember why.

Who Am I This Time?

• Harry is an excellent actor for a local theater company, but he is a solitary person when not acting.

• Harry's...

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