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Short Answer Questions

1. Who sits atop the Cube during the sentencing of the criminal?

2. Why do the doctors not operate on D-503's illness?

3. How is D-503 informed that I-330 has registered herself to him?

4. What shape do I-330's eyebrows make?

5. To what does D-503 compare the lips of the thin doctor?

Short Essay Questions

1. When D-503 sees the Benefactor's face, what is his reaction?

2. What does the Benefactor talk to D-503 about?

3. What does D-503 consider it his duty to do in writing "We"?

4. What images does D-503 see when he dreams for the first time in his life?

5. What happens when D-503 attempts to start the mutiny on the Integral?

6. How does D-503 see his relationships with R-13 and O-90?

7. What is D-503's reaction to U-'s nakedness?

8. What is the Green Wall?

9. With what concepts does D-503 associate the square root of -1?

10. What does D-503 think that his readers truly believe?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does the format in which "We" is written enhance the story? Do we learn more about the events and/or characters through the journal format? How?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze D-503's feelings toward I-330. How do they evolve? Do they come full circle? Does he even fully understand them? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss plot vs. narrative in the novel. How do we learn more about the themes, symbols, etc. of the story? Through action? From the narrator's assessment of action?

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